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Dress Challenge - Day 1

And so it began. 100 days of wearing the same dress. One day down 99 more to go.

I didn't expect to have so much anxiety over wearing this dress today. But I found myself lying awake last night thinking about how I was going to manage getting through 100 days. What am I going to do in cold weather? What if the weather is too warm and I'm suffering? What about those business meetings I have coming up at the end of March and the beginning of April, where I have a business dinner with my client the night before? Will they notice? Should I wear the dress to dinner and then again to the meeting the next day?

So I started searching the internet. Pinterest, Facebook groups, store websites, Amazon. For ideas, for cheap clever items to keep my look fresh and new, to see how others with mom curves have managed to keep their look fresh. Oh, but then I think about my weight loss journey. When I lose 20 pounds, how will the dress look? Will purchased accessories still fit? Can I re-sell them later?


It was one of those "Callgon take me away" moments. I put my phone back on the charger and forced myself to go back to sleep. A short 3 hours later, the dog was ready for his morning routine and so it was time for me to face my fear and put the dress on.

My daughter wakes up and says "Oh, you're wearing the dress." and smiled awkwardly at me, or so it felt. Yep. I'm doing this. I started pulling a few sweaters and shoes and scarves and things out of my closet trying them on with the dress. Yuck. I just didn't like how any of it was working out. Because it was a cooler, windy day today, I opted to just turn the dress into a shirt and slap on a pair of jeans. Ahhh, my comfort zone for sure. Surprisingly, my daughter told me I looked cuter than her today. Gee, thanks kid.

What I learned today is that I'm overthinking this wardrobe thing. Let's just keep this simple for now. One day at a time. My hope is that the weather will warm up and my hips will slim down so I don't feel like the dress pockets are an eyesore to anyone who looks at me.

Tomorrow is a Sunday; we've got Mass in our future so I'm anticipating wearing the dress as, well, a dress tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

Until next time friends...

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